The vision dates back a century – health insurance for everyone. President Harry Truman campaigned for national health insurance in 1945; so did President Richard Nixon in the 1970s. The Affordable Care Act is finally making the vision a reality – so everyone will have access to medical care without the fear of falling into bankruptcy.

By persuading uninsured friends, family and neighbors to sign-up this fall, each of us can ensure the new system works.

King County is reaching out in many ways, under the philosophy of “meeting people where they are,” in their communities.  This will benefit each person who gets insurance, and it helps society by making the health-care system work better.  Wth more people leading productive lives, and everyone secure in their health coverage, the local economy will benefit, too.

This blog is part of the effort by Public Health – Seattle & King County to coordinate local enrollment efforts.  It’s meant to help media find resources, to help partners keep up with what’s happening, for people wondering what’s happening locally, and to share stories of people needing and finding health insurance.

Look for event listings, photos, fact-sheets, and other resources in the column on the right side. Find the latest stories in the main column.


Terms of Use: Articles published on this blog may be re-published. Photos must be credited to their original source, when provided.

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