Do you qualify for a health care subsidy?

Piggy Bank

Enrolling with Washington Healthplanfinder could help you qualify for a subsidy on your insurance.

Washington Healthplanfinder offers a variety of ways that individuals and families may qualify for assistance in the state’s insurance marketplace.

Apple Health
Apple Health (also called Medicaid) has been expanded, to cover people earning less than $15,857 a year and families of four with a combined income under $32,500.  This health coverage is free.

Tax credits or lower premiums
Individuals who earn up to $45,960 a year and families of four with a combined annual income of up to $94,200 could qualify for lower premiums as a tax credit. Those eligible may opt to receive the credit as a lower monthly insurance payment or as a refund at the time they file their taxes.

Cost-sharing reductions
By enrolling in a Silver plan (not a Bronze plan) on Washington Healthplanfinder, you may qualify for extra cost-sharing reductions based on your household income. Under the standard Silver plan, you pay 30 percent of your health care bill.  But under these cost-sharing reduction plans, your individual contribution can lessen to as little as 6 percent based on your household income. These reductions are available to individuals who earn up to $28,725 a year, or to a family of four with a combined income of $58,875.

Some restrictions apply
Aside from income restrictions, tax credits and subsidies are only available for Washington state residents who meet the federal legal requirements for citizenship or immigration, do not have insurance through an employer and enroll via Washington Healthplanfinder.

But with such a variety of financial incentives available to Washingtonians through the state exchange, prioritizing your health should be a priority for your pocketbook. 

View the Washington Healthplanfinder subsidy fact sheet

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