Why Healthplanfinder must get creative to reach the young adults

Washington Healthplanfinder has announced a new partnership with local concert giant Live Nation today that will help get thousands more young adults aware of health insurance.

It’s the latest move in Washington Healthplanfinder’s overall strategy to connect with so-called ‘young invincibles’ through non-traditional outreach and creative marketing.

Seattle rock band Hey Marseilles performed at Chop Suey to show their support for Obamacare

Seattle rock band Hey Marseilles performed at Chop Suey in November to show their support for Obamacare. We can expect more musical events promoting health insurance in the future thanks to Healthplanfinder’s new partnership with Livenation.

“We take pride in our music scene in the Seattle area, and a lot of people are really involved in that,” said Bethany Frey, senior communications specialist for the Healthplanfinder. “So, this is a good way to reach thousands of people locally.”

TV and radio advertisements are not enough to capture the attention of younger demographics, she said.

This is because the young and digitally-savvy tend to engage less with conventional media. Instead, she said, using popular online platforms to maintain a strong web presence is key to reaching this important demographic.

How bands, performers can help

“It’s all about visibility and aligning ourselves with what [young people] are actually interested in,” Frey said.

Healthplanfinder’s new partnership with Live Nation will be an interactive one, featuring social media engagement and online promotional activities. One such activity will be a VIP ticket sweepstakes sponsored by Healthplanfinder for Live Nation’s 2014 Sasquatch launch party in February.

Other efforts to reach young folks through unconventional means include Healthplanfinder’s mobile app and advertising on internet-radio website Pandora.

The White House and various national organizations have also taken a stab at creative advertising, hoping to appeal to young invincibles with Youtube music videos and partnering with celebrities.

Getting healthy people to pay into the reformed healthcare system helps keep premiums down for everyone. On average, younger adults have fewer health problems than older ones. But many young people are discouraged from enrolling in health insurance – or even investigating their options – by a slew of misinformation and the fear of high prices.

It’s not that hard — or expensive

Frey says most young people do want health insurance, but they face conflicting information about whether they can afford it. Those who’ve explored the Healthplanfinder website often come away pleasantly surprised, as was Kevin Wren, profiled in The Seattle Times.

“There is a lot of confusion out there, but if people are willing to sign up, it’s not that difficult,” the 29-year-old told the Times’ Lisa Stiffler.

The team behind Healthplanfinder wants young adults to know it’s focused on making it quick, easy and appealing for young adults to find out what plans and types of financial help they actually qualify for. Frey says many young adults don’t even realize they’re eligible for tax credits, cost-sharing subsides or in some cases, free health coverage under Washington Apple Health.

“The message we need to get out is this is something of value and something that they can afford,” she said. “Most people don’t realize financial aid is available, but it is.”

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