Which cities in King County have highest numbers of uninsured

Research from our partners at Communities Count shows how many uninsured residents live in each of King County’s largest cities.  Areas like SeaTac, with nearly 30% of the adult population uninsured, are a high priority for efforts to sign people up for coverage.

The presentation (below) from Communities Count makes the numbers meaningful:

The chart above illustrates how coverage rates vary widely across cities, with 8 times more uninsured residents living in SeaTac than in Sammamish.

Nearly 17% of all non-elderly adults in King County had no health insurance in 2011. Now, 4 in 10 adults without coverage may qualify for Medicaid expansion in:

  • SeaTac (42.4%)
  • Burien (42.0%)
  • Federal Way (41.7%)
  • Seattle (39.5%)

And more than half of adults without coverage may qualify for subsidized insurance in:

  • SeaTac (50.7%)
  • Fairwood (50.9%)
  • Sammamish (54.2%)
  • Renton (54.8%)
  • Bothell (55.3%)
  • Maple Valley (56.6%)
  • Kirkland (59.9%)
  • Inglewood-Finn Hill (61.3%)

Communities Count provides data reports on population and community indicators across King County to promote civic engagement and inform funding decisions. Read more about this partner’s mission here.

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