Robosaurus co-stars in the latest Healthplanfinder TV ad

The advertising blitz gets a refresher this week. Here’s how it’s described in a News Release from the Washington Health Benefits Exchange:

Washington Healthplanfinder launched a third TV advertisement today [10/31], entitled “Robosaurus.” Similar to previous spots, the ad features the character of Chance – a little girl who personifies the gamble of going without health insurance.

This new ad tells the story of a mother who walks into her kitchen after her mischievous son places a metal toy dinosaur in the microwave oven. The other two television ads that began running in September will continue to air alongside “Robosaurus” as part of an integrated advertising campaign.

Healthplanfinder is also increasing efforts to reach young adults. One method is a cell-phone app:

To reach young adults, Washington Healthplanfinder launched a new mobile informational mobile application this week for iPhone and Android. Created in partnership with a national nonprofit called The Young Invincibles, the free application provides information about the Affordable Care Act, frequently asked questions and answers, local provider search tools, and even a link to enroll in coverage through Washington Healthplanfinder.

All of these activities tie into a broader outreach campaign that includes grassroots activities, social media, business outreach, radio advertising, print advertising, outdoor advertising, and engagement with partners and media outlets throughout the state.

Next month, on Nov. 12, the Healthplanfinder Enrollment Bus Tour hits the University of Washington campus, to raise visibility among college students — after a stop on Nov. 9 at Kent Memorial Park.

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