Courts, cooks and health insurance — no stone unturned

Connecting jury duty to health insurance

The strategy for healthcare enrollment initiated by King County Executive Dow Constantine takes the unprecedented step of asking every department and division within county government to help people get insurance.

The Executive notes that more than 180,000 people in King County are living without health coverage.

“In my State of the County address, I set the ambitious goal of full enrollment for those 180,000 uninsured people. To reach them, we are mobilizing every County agency that has direct contact with the public,” Executive Constantine said during an Employee Town-Hall-style meeting.

Courts, schools and restaurants

Each agency has been looking for ways to participate, within their normal business. For example:

  • Visit customer service windows and counters this fall, and you’ll likely see posters and find enrollment flyers for the Washington Healthplanfinder. If you’re looking for information, or filling out forms, on most department websites, you’ll find a prominent link to the Healthplanfinder.
  • Restaurant inspectors, who every day are visiting the kitchens and bathrooms of restaurants throughout the county, will share information about affordable insurance options with restaurant managers.
  • Parents and families who arrive at Juvenile Court will find opportunities to enroll in health insurance, as King County Superior Court offers weekly outreach activities, plus two all-day outreach and enrollment days in October. The courts will also offer an outreach and enrollment day at the Regional Justice Center in Kent in November.
  • Residents in unincorporated areas will hear about enrollment opportunities through community organizations and the Community Service Areas Program, headed by the Department of Natural Resources and Parks.
  • Schools that use King County’s high-speed fiber optic data network, called I-NET, will get connected to the Healthplanfinder enrollment page and with outreach enrollment workers.

These efforts are combined with an “enrollment blitz” coordinated by Public Health – Seattle & King County with a network of 23 partner organizations throughout the county.

Enrollment opens on Oct. 1, and the plans become available in 2014.

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