5 ways to convince your friends to get health insurance

At a loss for what to say to friends who aren’t signing up for health insurance? These five tips can help you make the case. These are the facts, straight from the Washington Health Benefit Exchange.

1. It’s cheap. More than 180,000 King County residents will qualify for free or low-cost health insurance! According to the Washington Healthplanfinder cost calculator, a 27-year-old who makes as much as $27,000 annually qualifies for an estimated $70 a month in government subsidies. Younger folks can stay on their parents’ plans, and older folks receive an even greater discount. Plus, most plans through Washington Healthplanfinder include preventive care, such as vaccines, blood pressure checks and routine doctor’s visits.

2. Thing’s happen. Car accidents, appendicitis or a hiking injury can send you to the emergency room no matter how healthy you are. Insurance plans offset the high charges incurred during an emergency visit. If you’re under 30, don’t often use healthcare, and want to avoid severe medical debt, this is a good place to start. Check out healthcare.gov full details.

3. Pre-existing conditions are a non-issue. A lot of people assume that health insurance is too expensive (or altogether inaccessible) if they have pre-existing conditions like diabetes or depression. The new law that established the Washington Health Benefit Exchange prohibits turning people away because of previous medical history.

4. It’s easy to do. The Washington Healthplanfinder website is a cinch to use. It allows you to enter your basic information to estimate costs and explore plans that are right for you.

5. You have to do it. If all else fails, invoke the law. Everyone (with a few exceptions) is required to enroll in health insurance. If you don’t, you’ll pay the larger of $95 or 1% of your annual salary. And, this penalty goes up to 2.5%, or $625, in 2015.

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