Who are the local leaders promoting health enrollment?

Local leaders boost healthcare enrollment.

Local leaders boost health care enrollment through the Executive’s Leadership Circle.

Not only are 23 local organizations serving as partners in the enrollment process, by providing one-on-one help for people trying to buy insurance, but there’s a group of influential business and non-profit leaders assembling to reach out further into local communities. 

King County Executive Dow Constantine has created the Leadership Circle to champion enrollment of people who are newly eligible for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. This group consists of prominent community leaders from local business, health and non-profit organizations, education, cities, media and other sectors, all of whom have made a commitment to reach out to their respective constituencies.

What they’re doing
Members of the Leadership Circle have pledged to help spread the word about new opportunities for health insurance, help Executive Constantine monitor implementation, and provide follow-up advice on reaching those who are eligible but still haven’t enrolled.

Three co-leads have been appointed to serve as co-chairs of the Leadership Circle:

  • Tim Gibbon of Swedish Medical Center
  • Maud Daudon of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
  • Gordon McHenry, Jr. of the non-profit Solid Ground

Here’s the full list of Leadership Circle members:

Jeff Natter, Pacific Hospital PDA
John Chelminiak, Bellevue City Councilmember
Dr. Benjamin Danielson, Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic
David Freiboth, M.L. King County Labor Council
Dr. Howard Frumkin, University of Washington School of Public Health
Deputy Mayor Mia Gregerson, Sound Cities Association/City of SeaTac
Richard Horner, Fisher Communications/KOMO 4 TV
Mayor Mike McGinn, City of Seattle
Mary McWilliams, Puget Sound Health Alliance
Michael Ramos, Church Council of Greater Seattle
Laura Smith, Snoqualmie Valley Community Network
Diane Sosne, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW
Johnese Spisso, UW Medicine
Rich Stolz, OneAmerica
Jill Wakefield, Seattle Community Colleges
John Welch, Puget Sound Educational Service
Carol Wood, United Way of King County

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